15 de Agosto 2020


(local a anunciar)

França e Argélia

Tiwiza is a secular Amazing (Berber, north African named people) tradition based on the notion of solidarity. It is the chosen name and philosophy of the Franco-Algerian group founded in Toulouse (France) in 2012.

A great fusion full of percussions rhythms, chaâbi riffs and nomad desert blues, powerful arrangements and engaged lyrics… with rock’n’roll spirit.

Live band above all, Tiwiza offers popular music deeply rooted in African soil, while naturally fusing tradition and modernity. Delivered in three languages, the message is one of an ancestry that proclaims its thirst for liberty and right to exist.

Through the lens of the Amazigh’s struggle for survival, Tiwiza extends its critical of injustice around the world.


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