Ghetto Kumbé

31 de Julho 2020


(local a anunciar)

Ghetto Kumbé is the meeting in Bogotá of 3 great Colombian musicians from the Caribbean coast. A combo of wizards’ singers and percussionists calling the public all around the world to join their digital rumba. Their transcendent ritual is made with a powerful base of percussions, Caribbean house beats and traditional afro Colombian rhythms inspired from west Africa. 

Ghetto Kumbé is a party in the huge neighbor where we all live... Earth and that we must protect it to keep the party running. 

In the GK’s music there is also a critic of how the Colombian government is selling the lands of the native Indian to foreigners’ industries as in the song “Waré Warrior”. Their influences are the traditional West African rhythms as the Lambam, Soli, Sofa, Kassa, Makru, between others, and afro-colombian rhythms as Cumbia, Bullerengues, Son Palenque, Chande, and the Chalupa de rio. Every sound is produced with the elegant Techno/House of Edgardo Garcia aka El Guajiro. 

At the end of 2015, they release their 1st EP “Kumbé” and this one directly made them new artist of the year in 2016! 

The last EP “Soy Selva”, produced by the British producer and DJ Oliver Williams aka THE BUSY TWIST, was release on Galletas Calientes Records in October 2017. 

The band is now in studio working on their debut album that will be release in the beginning of 2020. For this first album Edgardo Garcés (director GK) decided to trust again The Busy Twist to continue the Soy Selva’s adventure and push their talent to the next level. 



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