Eneida Marta "UMOJA" - New video

"with a musical career of 20 years, the singer and social activist from Guinea- Bissau
aims to grow her music and promote her country's culture all over the world 

Forbes Africa 14.10.2021 

"UMOJA" | "Unity" in Swahili.


The new single by Eneida Marta, was born from a challenge by north american producer Allan Floyd (Destiny´s Chile, Beyonce). After a trip to Kenya, Floyd decided to celebrate the purest african roots, the traditions, colours, spirit and and collective energy. "UMOJA" Project, "Unity" in Swahili is a love letter to the continent where humanity was first born.

Eneida Marta, Queen of the Guinea Bissau music, accepted Allan Floyd´s invitation to make her own personal version of "UMOJA". Writing new lyrics, Eneida dressed the composition with the sounds of the traditions of her country, painting the song with Gumbé percussions and, in partnership with UK based producer Ruben Azziz, the song gained a new beat. The video was filmed in Guinea- Bissau, and celebrates the differente ethnic traditions of the country: Balanta, Fula, Mandinga or Manjaca.

Sang in Swahili and english language, "UMOJA"  is an important step to the history of African Culture in the world of the XXI century.  It is a claim for the union of the african diaspora, a message to all the four corners of the world: the force comes from unity and indeed, kindness is contagious.


Original composition by | Allan Floyd
Lyrics and Vocal Arrangement | Eneida Marta
Production and Musical Arrangements | Ruben Azziz

UMOJA UNITY is a project by Alan Floyd (U.S.A.), in collaboration with Prudence Kolong (Sweden) Ayanna Leonard (Trinidad & Tobago), Mike Otieno (Quénia).

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