About us

ALG Eventos' business journey begins at the moment when we've decided that the events area and the management & booking of artists should be given special attention and dedicated treatment. Until that moment these two areas were included in the service portfolio of the company Algarpalcos.

As a result of constant growth, both in terms of size and in terms of notoriety, the specific area of event management and production has allowed us to consolidate our brand both in the Algarve and in Portugal.

Our experience comes from afar and we have responded to constant challenges, which has made us grow and solidify our position in the market. We have passed through our very complex projects that demanded the best of us. We try to always give the best and put the maximum rigor in each one of the stages, from the moment of the preparation until the execution of the project.

In the ADN of our company besides the organization and management of events is the Agency of Artists. ALG is proud to represent musicians from diverse latitudes who have as common denominator their virtuosity and the ability to present unforgettable performances on stage. From music based on local tradition to the distant sounds of the tropics, in our portfolio you will find the right answer both to the size and to the specificity of the event you are planning to organize.

Whether in the management and organization of events, or in the agency of artists, there is in ALG a total delivery capacity, leaving no detail forgotten so that everything works perfectly.

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